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Company Registration in Myanmar
Published by: extrovertconsult (16) on Fri, Jan 22, 2016  |  Word Count: 729  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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In Partnership

A group of individuals entering into partnerships for the implementation of the business.
Is based on the right of association and commitment to agreements between partners and the Partnership Act 1932. Under this law, the agreements, the number of members is limited to twenty. It can be recorded steady partnership, but no registration is required. All associations are formed in the unlimited type of Myanmar. When they are not scheduled to take place in the time period, the Assembly will be resolved when all partners are ready.

Limited Myanmar Company Registration is required for foreign companies, the most common method of doing business in Myanmar through a limited liability company. A company like this can be a foreign company registered in Myanmar or through a branch or representative office formed outside Myanmar. If he owned shares by the foreign partner, the company will enter into the definition of a foreign company, and will be applied and get prior permission to register. There are two main types of organization: partnership and a limited liability company.
In a limited liability company, limited to the transfer of shares, it can not be called the public to the IPO and a number of members is limited to fifty.
In a company, you must have the number of shareholders at least seven. The company, after registration, you must submit a request for a certificate of graduation from the business to allow the start of operation of the business.
The law governing companies with limited liability companies is Myanmar law in 1914. Company will be registered with the share of the state’s contribution under the Companies Act 1950 and private companies Myanmar law in 1914.

In general there is no head of the minimum capital requirements. However, there are minimum requirements for banking and insurance companies and foreign companies and branches in all parts of the Myanmar business.

Under Section 27A of the companies Myanmar law, a foreign company, either wholly owned or joint ventures and / representation of a branch office, you need to get prior permission to register. However, a joint venture with equity State formed a private company under the 1950 Act is exempt from obtaining a license.
The request must be accompanied by a statement of the following documents:
(1) Model: A Myanmar system companies in 1957
(2) Draft of incorporation and rules of procedure contract
(3) completed a questionnaire correctly
(4) Activities to be performed
(5) and Myanmar’s estimated bear the expenses of the operations during the first year
(6) the financial credibility of the company / person
(7) of the Board’s decision, if it is a joint company.
In the case of a branch / office external representation, the following as well as to provide the documents mentioned above.
(1) instead of the companies drafting the memorandum and articles of association, a copy of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association or Charter or statute or other instrument constitute or determine the constitution of the company headquarters, documented duly and consularized concerned by the Embassy of Myanmar in the country in which the company was founded.
(2) Annual Report for the past two years (O) in the case of copies of the Office of the Prime roads balance accounts and losses and gains during the past two years, is to be documented and consularized by the Myanmar embassy in question in the country in which the company was founded.
(3) Where the Memorandum of Association and the Statute and other original documents are not relevant in the English language, and documentation from the English translation.
You must be attached to the application for registration the following documents.
(1) Two sets of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association duly stamped and printed in both English and Myanmar
(2) Advertising Joining
(3) A statement of the legal and official documents of version
(4) A statement of the position of head office
(5) certified translation by a competent interpreter
(6) a list of administration
(7) a list of the person (s) authorized to accept service of process and notice Myanmar, on behalf of the company (ie the branch of a foreign company.)
A public company, you must submit the following documents before starting Business in Myanmar
(1) the list of persons as directors
(2) the list of people who gave their consent to work as a manager
(3) The agreement to take the assessment procedures.
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